Critics are saying: "...could be Indie Game Of The Year, if not the decade." -Play This Thing! blog

Barack Hussein Obama: The first and last politician this generation would ever believe in.

What better subject for a videogame that attempts to capture the audacious hopes and devastating disappointments of our age? Join me as I filter the absurdities and complacencies of America through the twin lenses of surrealism and satire. Let's explore it all, leave no stone unturned. From the nightmare of Abu Ghraib to the semen-covered fabric of the infamous blue dress, from the mega-churches of God and Mammon to the dark pit in Manhattan where two towers used to proudly stand.

This is more than a game. This is the voice of a betrayed generation, crying out from hell, shattering the American fever dream. An exhibition of atrocities through which we can see our true selves.

I'm not fucking around.








WIWTFBO is an independent PC game , a side-project of Quicksand Games.